what is BooksTime

The cost of other accounting apps is roughly comparable to BooksTimecloud Accounting’s prices, though they’re less expensive in some cases. For instance, BooksTime Premier Plus is $549.99 per year . AccountEdge Pro costs $499 and its optional phone support is $199 per year. Unlike BooksTimecloud Accounting, AccountEdge Pro’s core price is a one-time fee.

  • Your quote does not actually update your accounting information until the quote is converted to a sales order or invoice.
  • Accounting, project management, estimating, and service management.
  • BooksTime offers a self-service Payroll option for businesses that want to handle Payroll internally.
  • Likewise, BooksTime can perform faster processing, has industry-specific functions and can be used by up to 40 employees.
  • Advanced financial management platform for professionals with a growing business.
  • The updated report will make it easy for you to see what you owe and how much money you need to pay your bills on any given day.

BooksTime Accounts Tracker—BooksTime accounts tracker allows you to view key business information anywhere from your smartphone. Especially designed for people who need business insight on the move. Optimized data for your mobile device, contacts and directions on demand, clear cash flow summary, and insights into understanding your profits. Instant Expense Tracking – Track all job or project costs and streamline your billing procedures by keeping track of expenses like travel, copies, meals, and more! Your expenses can then be linked automatically to your customers’ invoices.

How Much Does BooksTimecloud Cost?

BooksTimecloud Accounting offers healthy product help and support options. You can access help functionality from any screen in the application, and when that’s not enough, telephone, email, and chat support are available as well. The 24/7 Sage Knowledgebase provides access to support articles and product documentation, and Sage University hosts a series of on-demand webinars as well as instructor-led classes.

what is BooksTime

It performs all the basic accounting functions relating to accounts receivables and accounts payables, inventory management, cash management and budgeting and compiling and producing financial statements. On an invoice, for example, you can receive payments, bring in existing time and expense tickets, and customize the layout. You can also use the software’s tracking tools to follow the progress of a form. An invoice, for example, could be marked as Current, Ready for Approval, or Paid, among other statuses. Cloud-based accounting solutions do a good job of providing detailed templates for transactions, such as quotes, invoices, bills, and purchase orders. BooksTimecloud Accounting’s templates are slightly more complex because of its expansive capabilities.

While every small business is different, one thing is common – you want to spend less time crunching numbers and more time executing your business plan and growing your company. If you have a requirement of accessing the BooksTime software with multiple users. Like, if you want to work with your clients and your office users all in same file in same time. There are not many third-party enhancements available for BooksTime.

BooksTimecloud Accounting Features

Making the initial connection involves merely clicking a link. Once your integration has been established, you click another icon to sync your data. Even when it’s finished, you need to give it some more time for your Office apps to be populated.

what is BooksTime

However, the software is a hindrance for small business owners and managers because it’s not very easy to use. Using BooksTimecloud can be difficult for people without experience in accounting and accounting software programs, and it can be difficult to find assistance in the US. A professional accountant can learn BooksTimecloud and master the software, so we recommend using BooksTimecloud if you have an experienced bookkeeper or accountant managing your books. Nestor Gilbert is a senior B2B and SaaS analyst and a core contributor at FinancesOnline for over 5 years.

Although it’s not a major feature, we still think it contributes to ease of use when entering transactions. Overall, BooksTimecloud’s reconciliation is what we want to see, and we’re satisfied with its functions. BooksTime Pro Accounting is the time trusted solution your business needs. Track your accounts to stay on top of your business’s finances. Also, if you are required to use union workers with the jobs your company is doing, you’ll need to use a third-party enhancement with Sage 100. Certain materials made available on or through this Web site are owned by Sage Software and cannot be used without Sage Software’s prior written permission.

I now have the BooksTime Premium 2018 program and am not happy with it. I have four different companies that I switch back and forth with.


BooksTimecloud integrates with 115 various third-party applications spread across categories, such as data entry, ecommerce, and time tracking. Moreover, the most famous integration is with Microsoft 365. For an additional $150 per year, you get the premium features of Microsoft 365 including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. BooksTimecloud’s customer service is just average when compared to other accounting software services. We like that users can contact them by email or through live chat or chatbot.

However, it would be better if users could reach them by phone. If this concerns you, we recommend choosing BooksTime because it’s one of the software applications with the best customer service. The accounts receivable (A/R) module of BooksTimecloud features certain elements found in competitors’ software, but they’re not as dazzling and modern. BooksTimecloud’s invoice management lets you generate PDF invoices from records, issue receipts, view customer accounts, and issue credit memos. Unfortunately, the only missing feature in BooksTimecloud is the ability to issue checks for customers with credit balances.

  • And you can email your completed reports or import them to Excel.
  • Although it’s not a major feature, we still think it contributes to ease of use when entering transactions.
  • This provides a fast, on-screen guide to your company’s finances and performance.
  • Summit Hosting continues to offer dedicated cloud hosting services for BooksTime accounting software in both the US and Canada on secure servers.
  • Sage provides three distinct versions of BooksTimec that offer varying levels of features, allow for increased users, and thus have varying price levels.
  • While its features are comparable to BooksTime, we feel it’s more difficult to use.

Eric Gerard Ruiz is a staff writer at Fit Small Business’s accounting content. He was a freelance writer from various companies and clients in the Philippines, the United States, and Australia.

Customizable Service

Most competitors display a pre-built Dashboard that may or may not be customizable. This screen often contains a handful of charts and graphs that provide an overview of your company’s finances, like income versus expenses. Once you’ve created a Dashboard, it displays the financial elements you’ve chosen, each in its own window.

what is BooksTime

Click on the Sales Info tab, and you can designate customer preferences, such as sales rep, preferred shipping method, and price levels. BooksTimecloud Accounting lets you define up to 10 price levels per item. Finally, the Payment & Credit screen contains fields for personalized information about credit cards, terms, discounts, and more. Often, when you click a link in a module, the software opens a new window. The constant need to open and close windows ages BooksTimecloud Accounting considerably. If you click to view a detailed customer list, for example, a window opens containing both the list and links to related tasks, such as View Quotes and Create Sales Order. You can easily end up opening multiple windows to get to the screen you want, and then you have to close them all.

Experience it for 30 days for free before deciding to purchase the product. You don’t need to provide your credit card information when signing up for the test drive. Is an easy-to-use hosted server solution for CPA, Bookkeepers and Small Medium businesses those who are looking for a secure and reliable tool to effectively manage their accounting responsibilities. The hosted solution allows you to host most of your Sage applications on cloud servers such as BooksTime Complete Accounting etc. these applications includes most of the features in BooksTime software. Sage Business Cloud — also known as Sage Accounting — is an entry-level cloud-based accounting solution for micro-businesses and small businesses. BooksTimecloud is a locally-installed fully-featured accounting software better suited for larger businesses. BooksTimecloud accounting software offers over 70 third-party integrations; however, there are hardly any payment processing apps available.

What Is Sage 300?

A BooksTimecloud subscription can be purchased directly from Sage’s website. Previously, there was only a yearly subscription option, but now you can choose a monthly payment option as well. If you opt for the monthly plan, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you opt for the yearly plan, your BooksTimecloud subscription cannot be canceled at any time, and you must agree to a minimum one-year commitment.

  • First, both products provide basic accounting services for businesses in just about every industry.
  • I’ve been very pleased with the response time from Summit Hosting.
  • Is an easy-to-use hosted server solution for CPA, Bookkeepers and Small Medium businesses those who are looking for a secure and reliable tool to effectively manage their accounting responsibilities.
  • Safeguard your Data – You decide who has access to your accounting and at what level.
  • It is widely used in industry, with job advertisements frequently requiring proficiency in the software, and training courses are available by third-party providers.
  • The navigation centers can be particularly useful when you’re still learning your way around the application and want to see all of the related features available in each particular center.

BooksTime lays down a solid foundation for all small-medium sized businesses and gives them that need push or trigger to have a healthy operational life. The end user is devoid of any robust infrastructure, capital or IT support. Automated backup and recovery schemes reinforced by multiple redundancies, dual backups and local user backup. Optimum focus on Cost reduction – Fixed monthly rentals, reduced personnel, hardware, upgrade and maintenance costs.

A variety of add-on offerings both from Sage and 3rd party developers are available to extend the functionality of the software. BooksTimecloud Accounting offers templates for far more normal balance reports than any competitor among the group I reviewed. BooksTimec Quantum Accounting allows you to access the strategic insights of your business and opens up new areas for growth.

There’s no walkthrough video for this area since this part is already integrated within A/R, A/P, and general features. Although its interface isn’t pleasant as with other accounting software, the project accounting features cover everything from creating projects to assigning project costs and setting https://www.bookstime.com/ project estimates. Furthermore, we’d like to emphasize that BooksTimecloud can compare actual to estimated project costs. We’re happy to see this feature because it’s vital for project management and monitoring. The A/P module of BooksTimecloud is full of great features, but it can be overwhelming.

If you travel more often to clients location to see the books and for financial assistance. BooksTime cloud hosting allows you to access client’s files from any location such as your office or home network. Try it today and find out how it can save you time and money. normal balance BooksTimecloud is ideal for medium to large-sized businesses with moderate to complex accounting needs and deep pockets, as the software can be quite expensive. The software is geared toward accountants or business owners with strong accounting backgrounds.

  • Get ultimate security to your business’s accounting data and minimize the risks.
  • In fact, both are heavily used by manufacturers and distributors.
  • From managing cash flows and invoicing to payments and banking, BooksTime offers a plethora of features to handle critical aspects of your day-to-day accounting.
  • Sage 300 primarily helps businesses to increase their cross-departmental collaboration via an integrated management platform which is fully accessible via the cloud.

It delivers better control over the business-related data into the hands of its users by giving them secure access to data files and the software. With BooksTime accounting software, you can simplify the accounting and similar other tasks you do when at work for your clients. You can give your clients the confidence that you handle all their business-related tasks accurately as expected, be it accounting, payroll, inventory management, etc. Small businesses use BooksTimecloud as their accounting and payroll software. BooksTimecloud has three cost-effective pricing plans, offering a different version of Sage with more features and users at each level. The highest level Quantum Accounting SaaS plan is for up to 11+ users and offers industry-specific software functionality. BooksTimec quantum is an end-to-end business management software with quick access.

Business Hours

Conveniently create and record purchase orders so you can keep track of all items ordered and plan for those expenses. In BooksTime, you are allowed to set up deductions, but there is a limit to how many you can add that doesn’t exist in Sage 100. One of our clients had a lot of payroll deductions and ran into limitations in BooksTime. She couldn’t delete the deductions in the system because she had a paycheck against them, so she couldn’t do what she wanted to do.

Click below to find a BooksTime authorized partner in your area that can provide more detailed information, pricing, or a demo of BooksTime Accounting. Please note that this product is non-returnable and non-refundable. We can help you move from BooksTime to Sage 100, and review your hardware to ensure its compatibility. One of the reasons to upgrade to Sage 100 is to make your life easier.

BooksTimecloud combines the features of locally-installed software with the mobility of cloud software, but in some ways, misses the mark. As locally-installed software, Sage50cloud’s security is primarily up to you. To learn more about protecting your data, read our post, How To Keep Your Locally-Installed Accounting Software Secure. The software is complex, has a steep learning curve, and takes quite a while to learn (especially if you aren’t familiar with accounting).

Author: Emmett Gienapp