This weekend’s race was held at the Dubai Autodrome. Being my home track, I was familiar with the majority of the corners, only this time it was a different layout. Additionally, I only attended half of Thursday’s practice sessions as I had other school commitments. This meant that I was already behind my competitors, as they would have practiced Wednesday too.


Jumping straight into qualifying, I wasn’t expecting a top 5 finish


Jumping straight into qualifying, I wasn’t expecting a top 5 finished but just wanted to use it as more track time before the race. After going for a few hot laps I could only put myself in 9th, 8 tenths off pole position.

Again knowing that I wasn’t fast enough to compete for podium positions, I was prepared for a 7th or higher place finish. But to my surprise, I overtook Lucas Roy, while my championship contestant (Weertz) and Cordeel retired from the race. This put me in a final position of 6th place, which I thought wasn’t too bad, weighing the odds.

Finishing in 6th place meant that I would start on pole for this race. I felt that I was fast enough to at least put up a fight, but after a gigantic lockup in turn () and losing my wing while being in a train, meant that I had to retire, soon to realize that I could have come in and changed the wing.

Again starting in 9th place, because it was based on the second-best lap time of qualifying, this time I was ready to move up as soon as the lights went off. By the first lap, Sami (teammate) spun, collecting Lucas Roy with him. Midway through the race, being at some sort of stalemate with absolutely nothing going on, I started to persuade myself that this was the position I was going to finish in. But as each car got closer to one another, battles started to erupt. Eventually Schumacher, then Charles Weertz dropped far behind me and would stay so until the end of the race, putting me in 5th position overall, which I was pretty content with.

Race 4 was canceled due to a death in the Superbike category, eventually leading to the forbidding of Superbike racing at the Dubai Autodrome.